The SEO Kickstarter

The SEO Kickstarter is a multifaceted SEO service which will help your site get to the top spots in Google and other search engines in no time!

The most important purpose of our service is to help business owners and agencies to focus on acquiring clients or launching new projects leaving the task of ranking sites to us. That’s why we have made this service absolutely hands-free and result focused while keeping our methods as safe as it can be.

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Advanced Link Building Strategy

The SEO Kickstarter package comes packed with high quality link building methods that are a result of ongoing testing in order to make sure that our clients get the best results regardless of how search engine algorithms change over time.

The service is designed in such a way that we’re able to get you great rank gains while keeping your site safe.

  • Each of the methods we use here have been tested extensively.
  • The links we build are as safe as it can get when it comes to building links.
  • Our strategy is designed not just to rank you high, but also to keep you there for long!
  • Just like search engines evolve, we keep ourselves updated with the latest techniques to get you the best possible results.
Marketing Efforts

Positive ROI From Your Marketing Efforts

Whether you’re an offline business with an online presence or an affiliate marketer trying to rank sites to generate commissions, our main aim is to provide you with positive returns each time we work together.

Our packages are designed to keep your costs low, while making sure that you’re getting results each time.

Massive Diversity Built-in

The SEO Kickstarter package comes with tons of diversity and ranking power which you seldom get to see in typical SEO services. This is being done to make sure that your site gets enough link juice to help propel the site to top of Google and other search engines, while keeping the link profile as diverse and natural as possible. In this package, you will get to see almost all kinds of high quality links, all of them handmade with absolute care and precision. This package indeed is a ranking powerhouse, to say the least!

Marketing Diversify
Team strength

Professional Team Behind the Scene

Entrusting a bunch of freelancers or a “VA” managed company to rank your sites is often not a good idea. When you look for a professional SEO company, one of the foremost things to look for, is the agency’s ability to setup, execute and deliver results on a consistent basis in a truly professional manner.

When you opt for SEO Kickstarter, you can be sure that each link to your site is being built by a professional SEO team with tons of experience in ranking sites. We’re a 50 member team growing at an enormous pace with own office and strong infrastructure to scale fairly fast.

You’re dealing with a truly professional company here!

Extensive Reporting Included

Extensive reporting is an important, useful feature of SEO Kickstarter enabling you to pass on these reports to your clients without even having to edit them. Yes, we provide white-labelled reports as well, if you need them.

We document every single link being built for you, and our reports will contain details of those, including login details to properties which you will own once you receive your reports.

SEO Kickstarter

Here's what comes with SEO Kickstarter

  • Premium Pumper Sites

    We will setup premium quality pumper sites on high authority platforms.

  • High Authority Private Blog Posts

    We will build high authority private blog posts about your niche with a link back to your pages.

  • Permanent Contextual Home Page Links

    Contextual links from homepages are extremely powerful and we’ve included them for you!

  • Dedicated Private Blogs With Maximum Link Juice

    These are sites designed and built specially for your campaign and are extremely powerful.

  • The Ultra Diversity Module

    These are links from a carefully selected set of high authority sites, designed for diversity!

  • High Quality Handmade Blog Comments

    Handmade blog comments made on highly trusted websites will give you tons of link juice!

  • Full Cycle Press Release Campaign

    A premium quality press release will be syndicated across hundreds of media outlets and radio channels!

  • Infographics Creation and Distribution

    A high quality infographic about your niche will be created and syndicated to earn links and traffic.

  • High Quality Social Signals

    Social signals are an important ranking factor now and you’re not going to miss those here!

  • Tiered Link Booster Module

    Our powerful tiered link booster module is designed to power up the pumper sites and other important assets.

SEO KICKSTARTER - Features in Detail

Premium Pumper Sites

The SEO Kickstarter package comes with the creation of high quality pumper sites or mini sites as some call, on some of the most popular blogging platforms such as wordpress, blogger etc. These are some of the cleanest links you can build, but here we build these out for your site.

Each of our sites come with multiple pages, all built with unique content, custom graphic elements and unique themes. They all look different and highly professional.

Authority Private Blog Posts

The package comes with links from our privately owned websites, designed and setup in order to get maximum link juice back to your sites. These are contextual links, which means the links will be surrounded with relevant articles in your niche and are really powerful ones.

The sites we use are of high quality, with good amount of trust, authority and referring backlinks going to them. All of these sites are setup on aged domains with great TF, DA and backlinks.

Permanent HomePage Links

Getting contextual links from homepages of high authority sites is one of the most powerful link building techniques out there. And, we have incorporated these links to this service, so that your site gets the highest quality link juice it deserves. These sites are fully built out private blogs with domains with great authority, age and backlinks.

The links are all contextual ones and will stay on the homepages of these sites permanently. The OBL of these sites are under 25 in order to make sure that the value doesn’t get diluted.

Dedicated Private Blogs

Each month we will design and setup custom private blog for your business using them exclusively for your campaign. These sites will be built on high authority domains with good number of backlinks and age and will be setup more like a real blog. The entire link juice out of these domains will reach your site.

If someone wants to build such sites on their own, it’s going to cost them hundreds of dollars and here, you’re getting the same benefits without spending anything extra as long as you’re using our service.

Ultra Diversity Module

Maintaining a diverse link profile for your site is extremely important these days and we’re helping you build it in the most natural way possible. Our ultra diversity module comes with 100% handmade links from some of the most popular websites in internet and are of different types.

These links include links from audio sharing sites, doc sharing sites, blog aggregators, product wishlist sites, design gallery sites, social media websites and more! Not to forget, you will receive login details for all these links.

Aged Tumblr Posts

Tumblr,as you’d already know,is a great platform for blogging and it comes with tons of link juice, thanks to the high authority of the parent platform. We have setup several aged tumblr blogs which are repurposed and are with great link profiles and link juice.

We will add handwritten content to those blogs linking out to your site giving you massive ranking benefits in Google and other search engines.

Premium Press Release Campaign

SEO Kickstarter service comes with a full cycle press release campaign which includes the creation of a professional quality press release and syndicating it to hundreds of media outlets and news/radio/tv channel outlets out there. The result of such a campaign is increased number of backlinks and rankings along with referral traffic from these sites.

While PR syndication is no longer as powerful as they used to be in 2013-2014, they still act as a great brand building tool and a simple means to dilute anchor text ratios. We execute such campaigns once in two months or once in three months depending on the package.

Infographic Creation & Distribution

Infographics are a great way to convey meaningful, but long lasting messages about your niche and your site. This is being used by hundreds of business owners across the globe, so why not use them to rank your site? We will create and syndicate an infographic about your niche to several different infographics sharing sites and press release sites generating direct converting traffic and high quality whitehat backlinks.

You will receive detailed reports of our work once completed. This is being scheduled once in every two months or three months depending on your package.

Quality Social Signals

Social signals are an important ranking factor these days, thanks to the ever increasing influence of social media on spreading/generating buzz and links for great quality content, and that’s a great news for you, as a website owner.

We have included quality social signals from major platforms as part of SEO Kickstarter in order to make sure that you’re not missing out on this important ranking element. Both our packages get these social shares from platforms such as facebook, twitter, pinterest and more!

Tiered Link Booster Module

Tired link building is not new and is something that’s giving ranking benefits if done right. Here, we are using tiered links as a means to boost the initial set of links we build for you as part of SEO Kickstarter . These links are intended to power up the pumper sites and the social properties we setup for your site.

None of these links will point to your site directly and will never negatively impact your rankings. Instead these links will pass link juice to your main layer properties only.

The SEO Kickstarter comes with 100% unique links from unique sources each month. This will ensure that your site grows in authority and trust over time along with top rankings!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, we use unique handwritten articles for the campaign and each of them will pass copyscape with ease.

We usually spread the package across 3 months, though we will be able to deliver reports in less than 20 days if you need us to quickly finish your campaign. You just need to let us know.

Of course, we do. We will send detailed reports listing down all the links we’ve built for you along with login details wherever they’re available. For the private blog posts though, we will be sending only  a partial screenshot report to keep them safe for everyone, including you!

Yes, you can. We will send you the press release for review and once you approve, the PR will be submitted for syndication.

We can work on all the niches except the ones below:

  1. adult/nudity
  2. betting/gambling
  3. buying likes/followers etc for social media sites such as facebook, twitter, youtube.
  4. Clickbank/ClickSure hoplinks or relevant websites selling products on get rich quick schemes, forex trading, proven/unproven medical alternatives.
  5. Escort services
  6. Adult products
  7. Anything scammy.

Yes, you can provide your own content.

Sure, please get in touch for samples.

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These guys are amazing! Half way through, my client cancelled and wanted all links to stop. When I told these guys “hey, just stop the links and keep the money” they said “or we’ll just build you more links to another site”… WOW!! Great customer service and, as always, great links!

Amanda Seyfried
Sales & Marketing, Alien Marketing LLC

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