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What Exactly is Rank Blaze?

The Rank Blaze is a 100% whitehat fully managed SEO solution that will help you rank in Google quickly and safely!

Rank Blaze is our 100% hands-free, fully managed SEO solution that relies on pure WhiteHat SEO strategies that are designed to get you not just top rankings, but also targeted traffic as well.

Over the last several years, we have worked on several campaigns of varying sizes, applying strategies and tactics to acquire the highest quality links for our clients. We have combined everything we’ve learned during these years to get you a single solution that’s intended to take away all your ranking worries.


With Rank Blaze, you’ll get our focused expertise on premium quality WhiteHat link building, helping you to rank your site quickly & safely.

Rank Blaze

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Reasons Why Rank Blaze Can Help You
Rank Your Sites

The most important purpose of our service is to help business owners and agencies to focus on acquiring clients or launching new projects leaving the task of ranking sites to us. That’s why we have made this service absolutely hands-free and result focused while keeping our methods as safe as it can be.

Grow Your Online Business Using Our Advanced SEO Strategies

Our SEO strategy involves only white-hat techniques to acquire links for your site and are designed to get you top rankings and to keep you there for a long period. The service also comes with excellent quality content to go with each links we acquire and build keeping Google’s preference to high quality content in mind.

Not just that, our service comes with an unmatched level of reporting, 24 x 7 support and much more.


Quick Wins That Gets You Going Really Fast

With our quick wins strategy, we do a detailed audit on your current rankings and will identify the list of keywords your site is currently ranking in top 20 results, but not in the top 3 where most of the traffic is coming from. Our initial goal would be to focus on ranking the high value keywords for which Google already ranks you in top 20 results. We will push these terms with the help of our diverse, high quality link building tactics.

This will help you improve organic traffic in quick time without the need to wait for several months.


Detailed Content Gap Analysis to Find Content Opportunities

We do a detailed research on your top 5 competitors to find those terms that your site is not currently targeting, but your competitors are. We filter out the list of keywords if ranked, could hugely impact your daily organic traffic. We do a detailed gap analysis and will prepare high quality optimized content around these terms to rank and attract more visitors to your website.


We Make Sure That You Get a Great Return on Every Dollar Spent

Investing in Rank Blaze to rank your websites will get you great returns on the money spent. We make sure that every dollar you spend with us gets you higher returns than any one else out there. The service itself is designed to get you results using the most advanced and safe SEO tactics out there.

If you’re an agency looking for an ongoing SEO option to rank your client sites, this is going to be your go-to-service that you can depend upon.


We Provide Reports You Can Proudly Present to Your Client

Our service comes with detailed reporting options which will include all live link URLs, login details if available, link source metrics and much more. You will also receive multiple reports after the keyword audit process and content gap analysis are completed.

Rank Blaze service also comes with white-labelled reporting for agencies.

Here's What Comes With Rank Blaze

A detailed audit on your list of keywords currently ranking in Google is performed. During this process we identify list of terms that are currently ranking in top 30, but not in top 3 results. The high value keywords we find with this method will be used as the focus keywords to get a quick ROI from your investment.

Your campaign will be managed from our client dashboard through which you can access & monitor your campaign and communicate with us whenever you need. Our dashboard will help you ask questions, pass on updated project data and request for support whenever you want. It can't get easier than this.

We do a detailed content analysis on your top 5 competitors and do a gap analysis with your site to find out terms you’re not ranking for while your competitors are already on the front page of Google. We then use this list to prepare content ideas for the blog posts we create for your website in the coming weeks.

We provide real time live reporting for your campaign with the help of shared Google sheets. This way, you can always track our progress in real time. We will continue to update reports on a daily/weekly basis and you can access this whenever you want. No need to wait endlessly to get link reports through email.

Once the initial research is done, we will move on to the link building phase where we acquire high quality diverse backlinks for your website from authority domains. This will include custom outreach links, premium pumper sites, press releases and more. You will regularly receive link reports and updates on our progress.

We provide free rank tracking for all your focus keywords. You will be able to monitor ranking changes whenever you feel like. We will provide you a rank tracking URL with which you can track your website's ranking whenever you want for all your focus keywords. No need to spend more dollars for this.

Let's Get Started in Less Than 60 Seconds

The Rank Blaze is an absolute white-hat SEO solution and it comes with 100% unique links from unique sources each month. This will ensure that your site grows in authority and trust over time along with top rankings!


For small sites



Silver Includes

Main features:

  • Upto 5 Keywords
  • Keyword Audit
  • Content Gap Analysis
  • 5 Guest Posts – Real Outreach
  • 5 Pumper Sites – Multiple Pages
  • 25 Diversity Links
  • 2 Blog Posts/Month
  • Premium PR Campaign – Once in 3 months
  • Infographic Syndication – Once in 3 Months
  • 100% Unique Content
  • Free Rank Tracking
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Access to Our Dashboard


For serious results



Gold Includes

Main features:

  • Upto 10 Keywords
  • Keyword Audit
  • Content Gap Analysis
  • 10 Guest Posts – Real Outreach
  • 10 Pumper Sites – Multiple Pages
  • 50 Diversity Links
  • Blog Posts/Month
  • Premium PR Campaign – Once in 2 months
  • Infographic Syndication – Once in 2 Months
  • 100% Unique Content
  • Free Rank Tracking
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Access to Our Dashboard


Ask us!



Custom Includes

Main features:

  • Upto Keywords
  • Keyword Audit
  • Content Gap Analysis
  • Guest Posts – Real Outreach
  • Pumper Sites – Multiple Pages
  • Diversity Links
  • Blog Posts/Month
  • Premium PR Campaign – Once in — months
  • Infographic Syndication – Once in — Months
  • 100% Unique Content
  • Free Rank Tracking
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Access to Our Dashboard

Frequent Questions

Can I provide my own list of keywords?

Yes, you can. Just let us know about this while you sign up and we could use your list of keywords directly.

Can I provide my own content?

Yes, you can. Let us know about this before we begin your campaign.

Will I get to approve the press release before they’re published?

Of course, we will send the press release draft for your review and approval. We will publish the PR only after we receive your approval.

Will I get to approve the blog post ideas first?

Sure, we will send article ideas to your inbox and we will work on the ones you like most.

How long before I can see some results?

We typically get to see results in about 2-3 months period. This may take a bit more in case of brand new sites though.

Can I see some of the sample links?

Sure, please contact us here and we will be happy to send you samples.

Can I get white-labelled reports?

Of course, we work with a number of agencies at the moment and we would be happy to provide you with white-labelled reports as well.
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