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The Perfect Full Cycle Press Release Service

Press Booster

The Press Booster is a truly affordable press release service which takes care of everything from crafting a professional press release written about your brand, syndicating the PR across several hundred media outlets and news sites giving your site the exposure it deserves and finally gets you good looking report that you’ll be proud to share with your clients!
Press Booster

Main Features

Stop running another mediocre unknown website in internet. Get the word out there and grow your brand by making use of our absolutely hassle-free full cycle press release campaign which is probably the most affordable and value for money service you can find anywhere!

100% Hands-Free Press Release Distribution Service

Our service is designed in such a way that once we receive your campaign details, we will take care of everything from getting a professional PR written to distribution or syndication of the news release and finally delivering a detailed report which you can even present your clients if needed.

On top of all these, if you’re looking to get 5 or more packages, just get in touch and we will further sweeten the deal for you!

Track and Control

You Get to Track and Control The Whole Process

Once we create your press release draft, it will be sent to you for your review and approval. You can suggest changes or approve it straight away. Once approved, we will distribute the PR across hundreds of media outlets and news sites.

This way, you can make sure that the content has the quality you’re looking for and nothing gets published or syndicated without getting your approval.


High Quality Distribution Reaching Hundreds of Outlets

We have selected our distribution partners after detailed testing and research, which means you’re going to get the highest quality distribution for the money you’re spending on each campaign.

Your press release will get distributed to several hundred media outlets, radio/tv channel outlets, news websites, Google News and more.

Press Booster

Detailed Reporting Options Available

Once your press release is published and has reached all the media outlets, we will prepare a beautiful, good looking clipping report and will send it straight to your email. The reports will be provided in both PDF and Microsoft excel formats.

If you’re running a campaign for any of your clients, this is the perfect package for you, as we offer whitelabelled reports as well, and that’s absolutely Free!


Affordable Packages That Meets Your Budget

Our packages are priced so low that even a newbie site owner or a solo marketer could afford it without thinking twice. It’s an amazing value for money offer which you can’t find elsewhere.

On top of all these, if you’re looking to get 5 or more packages, just get in touch and we will further sweeten the deal for you!

Press Booster

How Does Press Booster Work?

Just like our other services, getting started with your press release campaign is super easy. You just need to fill up our order form which asks for the basic business information. We will take care of the rest.

Fill Up Our Form

You just need to fill up a basic form to get started. We will be using this data to create the press release.

Press Release Writing

Our highly experienced writers will go through your website and will come up with a fine press release.

Review & Approval

We will send the PR to you for your review and approval. Once approved, we will submit the PR for syndication.

Clipping Reports

Once published, we will send you a detailed clipping report which lists down the initial live listings we got.

Press Booster

How Press Booster Will Help

A well-executed press release campaign is one of the best methods to build your brand online quickly. The PR we create for your business will be of the highest quality and once published, it will be picked up by hundreds of media outlets, tv/radio channels, niche site and more.


Each of these sites will generate a new link and targeted traffic ( though small in case of small niches ) to your website. Google and other search engines consider press releases as important brand signals, so it’s important that you have them for your website.

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One Off Prices -
Life Long Benefits

Press Booster can be used on any kind of sites including :


– Affiliate Websites

– Authority Sites

– Non-English Sites

– Local Businesses

– Parasite Pages

– Amazon Product Pages

– & More

However, we cannot write and syndicate press releases in the following niches :

– Adult/Porn

– Drugs/Any illegal medicine/Pharma sites

– Unproved medical products

– Loans

Get started by picking the right package for your site. You just need to provide your basic business information and we will take care of the rest.

Press Booster



  • Professional Press Release
  • Massive Distribution
  • Google News Listing
  • 7-10 days turn around time
  • 200+ Live Links in Clipping Report

Press Booster



  • Professional Press Release
  • Massive Distribution
  • Google News Listing
  • 7-10 days turn around time
  • 400+ Live Links in Clipping Report

Frequent Questions

Do you provide reports

Of course, we do. We will send detailed reports in both PDF and excel formats. Please ask if you need white-labelled reports. We provide them for free!

Can I review the PR before it goes out?

Yes, you can. We will send you the press release for review and once you approve, the PR will be submitted for syndication.

How much time does it take to finish a campaign?

The usual delivery time-frame is less than 10 business days.

That being said, if you’d like to rush through with your campaign, we can certainly do that. Just let us know!

Are all niches accepted?

We can work on all the niches except the ones below:

  1. adult/nudity
  2. betting/gambling
  3. buying likes/followers etc for social media sites such as facebook, twitter, youtube.
  4. Clickbank/ClickSure hoplinks or relevant websites selling products on get rich quick schemes, forex trading, proven/unproven medical alternatives.
  5. Escort services
  6. Adult products
  7. Anything scammy.

Can I provide my own content?

Yes, you can provide your own content.

Can I see samples?

Sure, please get in touch for samples.
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