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Link Foundation

The Link Foundation is a diverse link building service which will get you high quality hand-made backlinks from 230+ diverse link sources.

Massive Diversity

The services comes with links from a handpicked collection of 230+ diverse authority platforms.

High Quality Sources

The sites we use are of the highest quality and are some of the most popular websites on the planet.

Detailed Reporting

We provide detailed reports at the end of your campaign which include logins to these properties.

Find Out Why You Need Link Foundation

Must Have Links For
Any Site!

The links that are a part of this service is a must for any kind of sites, be it an authority site or a brand new project. This service will get you tons of link juice and diversity your site deserves.

100% Safe Links to Use

Most big and small brands have these links in their link profile making these a must for any website out there.

FREE Drip Feed Options

We are offering absolutely free drip feed options for up-to 60 days if your site is absolutely brand new.

Detailed Link Reporting

If you’re an agency looking to rank client projects, you’re going to love our reports. We provide white-labelled reports as well.

Link Foundation

How Link Foundation Will Help Your Website

Gone are the days when you could use automated link building tools to manage your link building campaigns and rank very quickly. It’s 2017 already and SEO has changed quite a lot. If you need long term, sustainable results, you need to carefully select your link sources and a wrong choice can jeopardise all your efforts. And, this is exactly why you need to opt for this service.


All our links are handmade and built carefully on some of the top sites in the planet getting you enough link juice and diversity to keep your link profile strong and stable. Our service also comes with a 100% free drip feed option which you can opt for and get links going to your site for upto 60 days, all without paying anything extra!

Link Foundation - Link Types in Detail


Audio & Image Links

Audio and Image sharing sites are great untapped sources high quality links which are a part of this package.


Document & PPT Links

We create and publish high quality content across top document & presentation sharing sites to get you backlinks.


Design Gallery Links

We will get your website listed on top design gallery websites out there to get you some referral traffic and quality links in return.


Citation & Portfolio Links

The package also comes with links from top business listing sites and websites that allow portfolio creation and sharing.


Brand Identity & Funnel Links

We help you build your brand identity across several top websites & will setup funnel pages for your business.


University & Gov Links

Backlinks from top universities and government sites are really powerful and we will help you get those for your website.

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Link Foundation is a perfect package to use on any kind of sites including :


– Affiliate Websites

– Authority Sites

– Non-English Sites

– Local Businesses

– Parasite Pages

– Amazon Product Pages

– & More

Get started by picking the right package for your site. You just need to provide your website URL(s) and anchor(s) to use. We will take care of the rest.


All the basics links


  • Can Work on Multiple URLs & Keywords
  • 230+ Hand-Made Links
  • Detailed Link Reporting
  • 24 x 7 Client Support
  • White-Labelled Reports Available


For Serious Results


  • Can Work on Multiple URLs & Keywords
  • 330+ Hand-Made Links
  • Detailed Link Reporting
  • 24 x 7 Client Support
  • White-Labelled Reports Available

Frequent Questions

Do you provide reports?

Take 15 seconds to submit your site URL and corresponding anchors along with any other special instructions you may have. We will get started from there!

Can I use multiple URLs and anchors?

Go ahead, read your favorite book, go hiking or spend time to get more clients your way. Our experienced in-house link building team will be busy building quality links for you!

Do you provide dripfeed options?

In 14 business days, you will receive your Link Foundation link report in your inbox. If you want your campaign to drip feed across upto 60 days, we could do that as well.
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