Authority Niche Placements

100% Natural Topically Relevant Links

Authority Niche Placements

What Exactly is Authority Niche Placements?

These are 100% White-Hat backlinks placed on existing topical relevant pages of authority sites in your same industry to get you the maximum amount of link juice and ranking gains in no time.
These links are as powerful as they can get.

What Will You Get Out Of These Links?

1. Authority Websites

The links we place will not only get you ranking boost for your target key phrases, it is also going to send you targeted referral traffic.

2. Contextual Backlinks

The links are placed within context on pages/posts which are already indexed in Google and are already aged.

3. Massive Ranking Gains

These links are more powerful than anything else out there. You’re going to get rank gains in 1-2 weeks of placing these links, not to forget the referral traffic from these.

Authority Niche Placements

Does Authority Niche Placements Work?

Of course they work like magic!


Backlinks from aged content on authority websites that are relevant to your niche is what Google always love to see and are always rewarded as well.


When you build links to your site to rank in Google, or any other search engines out there, the first and foremost type of link sources to look for is niche relevant sites. Even better would be the link value, if you could get links from aged niche relevant sites. And finally, getting links from aged & indexed content posted on these sites is probably the ultimate tool you can use to get ranked quickly.


And that’s exactly what we’re providing here!

How Does This Work?

Select the amount of links you needed to begin with. For local businesses and micro sites, 5-10 links should be just enough. For affiliate sites, 20 links is a good number to start with. Oh, if you’d like to just try with 1 or 3 links, we have options for those as well.

Once we received your order, we will go ahead and setup your campaign, identify the prospects and will start by looking at our existing relationships to find the right match. If we don’t find enough matches, we will go ahead and reach out to our big prospect lists and will land you links.

We just need your website URLs and anchors to get started with your campaign. Once you submit these details we will move on to the next step.

Detailed link reports will be sent to you once we’re through with your campaign. The reports will also include direct URLs of the pages where your links have been included.

Our Packages

Trial Pack

1 Link


  • RD75+
  • $60/link
  • One Time Payment


3 Links


  • RD75+
  • $50/link
  • One Time Payment


5 Links


  • RD75+
  • $45/link
  • One Time Payment


10 Links


  • RD75+
  • $37/link
  • One Time Payment


20 Links


  • RD75+
  • $35/link
  • One Time Payment

Frequent Questions

Are there any content involved in this?

No, there isn’t any new content involved in this service as we will be getting you links from aged posts on niche relevant sites.

Can you work on non-English sites?

Of course, we can definitely work on non-English sites.

Do you work on all niches?

Yes, we do work on all niches except Porn, Adult and anything illegal.

Is this safe to use?

These links are as safe as it can get when it comes to link building. This is a genuine white-hat link building technique which is being used by big brands and corporations all the time.

How can I contact you?

Please click here to contact us and we will get right back as quickly as we can.
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