6 Tools to Turbocharge Your Content Marketing in 2018

In the world of digital marketing, content still reigns supreme. But when was the last time you audited your content marketing plan? If you can’t remember, its likely time that you and your marketing team step up to the plate and see what goals you hit, what goals fell short, and what you can do to keep the momentum going in the months ahead.

Knowing what worked and what didn’t will tell you what you should continue to invest resources in, and what you should drop to best maximize ROI for resources spent. Keep a lookout for new tools that could help your business and events that could set your campaign back.

Back in 2016, many businesses were negatively impacted and saw their content marketing strategies fade away as Facebook updated its News Feed algorithm. This update severely decreased organic reach for most businesses that were leveraging social media marketing to increase brand awareness and acquire new customers.

Studies show that Facebook traffic decreased by 42% following the algorithm update. These events are bad but instead of complaining about them just use the setback as a reminder that you need to calculate with all the variables present and prepare for the unexpected.

The best way to future-proof your content marketing efforts is by utilizing the tools available to you in 2018 and beyond, taking a multi-channel approach and not putting your eggs in one basket.

Below are the Top 6 Tools to Help Drive your Content Marketing Strategy in 2018

1 – Buffer

Buffer is one of the top tools for many social media marketers. It’s as versatile as a multi-tool and can help you optimize your social media campaigns across various platforms.

Buffer allows you to connect all your social media platforms and centralize them in a single, easy to manage hub. You can schedule content from your Buffer dashboard and share posts on multiple platforms with the click of a button.

The post analytics are also invaluable to any social media campaign as it shows you when your target audience is most active throughout the day. Knowing when to post is just as important as knowing what to post.

Using Buffer will save you a lot of time since you won’t have to spend half of your workday hopping from one social media profile to another. The time you save can be spent on improving your content quality and analyzing the results of your marketing campaign.

2 – Almighty.Press

Almighty.Press is a content management tool that helps you monitor the engagement that each of your posts gets. That’s not all though, it also gives you insight as to which topics are trending worldwide so you can capitalize on all the buzz and curb the traffic towards your business. This tool measures how viral a piece of content is using its proprietary Almighty Force algorithm.

Using Almighty.Press, you’ll be able to detect trending topics before they become oversaturated and useless for marketing purposes. Being able to write about trending topics before your competitors even notice the buzz is the best way to get ahead and ensure that your business remains the top dog in its industry.

3 – SumoMe

SumoMe is a great tool that has a wide range of applications. Its most revered feature is the list-building tool. It tracks the mouse movement of people who visit your website and detects when a user is about to close the tab.

You could use this detection algorithm to display a pop-up right as the visitor is about to leave your site. Knowing when the right time to display a full-screen CTA (call-to-action) can drastically increase your conversion rates.

You could even use the opportunity to show visitors a new blog post that catches their attention and persuades them to stay instead of logging off.

SumoMe also offers responsive share-button solutions that can greatly benefit your website. The app sports analytic and split-testing capabilities so you can optimize the engagement that your content receives.

By leveraging the information that SumoMe gives you, you can increase the volume of shares that your content receives on multiple social media platforms. Getting your content shared more will highly increase your reach and maximize your ROI.

4 – Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach makes the formerly painstaking task of finding good influencers as easy as taking a walk in the park. Just enter a keyword and proceed to browse through thousands of influencers and bloggers in your niche.

Ninja Outreach has data on over 25 million contacts. Ninja Outreach doesn’t just help you find influencers, it also lets you manage them with ease. Reaping the benefits of Ninja Outreach will help you find the right influencers for your company without having to spend hours searching for a qualified, affordable influencer.

5 – SendGrid

Emails are one of the best ways to build a relationship with your customers. The SendGrid platform can be integrated on any website and lets you reach everyone in your mailing list with ease. You can craft tailored email funnels then split-test them in great detail. This will tell you what works and what doesn’t so you can fine tune your emails.

When used together with SumoMe, you can create emails that engage with prospects and convert them into paying customers. It doesn’t take very long to set up and split-test an email campaign, and that short amount of time spent is well worth it considering the fact that you’ll greatly improve the results of your marketing campaign.

After the initial setup, you can easily streamline your email outreach through the SendGrid platform that saves you time so you can work on other aspects of your business.

6 – Pushwoosh

Pushwoosh is a useful tool that helps you send notifications to mobile devices, personal computers, and even applications.

With social media and search engine algorithms constantly changing, it’s best to diversify your marketing efforts to avoid being hit hard by a software update. You should always be looking for new ways to reliably reach your target audience.

Pushwoosh lets you reach your customers instantly by sending them push notifications on their phone or browser. You can divide user groups by location, language, or virtually anything else to ensure that the right notifications get to the right people. After all, you wouldn’t want to send a Happy Australia Day push notification to your customers in France.


Content marketing is one of the highest long-term ROI marketing channels you can engage in for your business. But despite its high ROI potential, content marketing can be resource intensive and difficult to manage without the proper tools in place to aid in planning, execution and management.

As long as you diversify your marketing campaign and utilize the right tools, you’ll never have to worry about one single event negatively impacting your results in a significant way.

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