Top 10 Chrome Extensions Every SEO Professional Must Use in 2018

Professional SEOs often find short of time with all the daily stuffs they need to finish on their ongoing campaigns. From performing detailed site audits to executing link building campaigns, their days are often filled with repeat and mundane tasks which seem to eat up most of their productive hours.

However, there are quite a lot of tools at their disposal which can vastly improve their productivity and help them perform better each day. Here are our list of the top 10 chrome extensions every professional SEO should have in their aresnal:


The SimilarWeb chrome extension is one of the easiest tools to analyze a site based on the estimated traffic it gets. More often than not, a link builder needs to look at link opportunities on a daily basis and traffic stats are one of the most important elements determining the value of a link these days.

SimilarWeb provides this data by analyzing clickstream data from a large number of ISPs, their own internal crawler and third party sites. Yes, the numbers they present you, may not be the most accurate out there, but it’s easier to judge a site’s overall authority looking at the figures they provide.

You can get a reasonable idea on a brand’s audience from various demographics, how much traffic they get from paid media and more.

You can get the SimilarWeb chrome extension from here.


MozBar is one of the most popular SEO chrome extensions out there, thanks to it’s overall features and ability to provide quite a lot of data on a page and domain quickly. You can create a free account with Moz Community and you need to be logged in before you can access any data they provide.

The data they provide include technical SEO data such as Domain Authority, Page Authority etc, along with on-page analysis, social media stats and more.

You can get the MozBar chrome extension from here.

Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote is the most popular note taking application in the market and it has the most powerful note-taking functions when compared to any other tools out there. Whether you are doing technical SEO or doing content marketing, Evernote Web Clipper is a handy tool to have in your toolkit.

The extension allows you to clip full/parts of articles easily into your EverNote account without ever leaving the chrome tab you’re currently looking at. You can then organize your saved notes into notebooks.

We highly recommend you to check out Evernote Web Clipper extension here.


With Buzzsumo, you will be able to view almost everything you need to know about a certain page. Without leaving your browser, you will be able to see how many shares (in different social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter) the page has received so far.

Total interactions and backlinks generated to the page are also displayed allowing you to get a clear idea on the authority and link value of the page easily.

You can get BuzzSumo chrome extension here.


This is an excellent chrome extension to find out with what technology a site is built with. When you run the extension, it quickly profiles the website you’re on and give you in-depth details on the CMS, analytics, Ads, CDNs they use and more.

This is indeed a must have extension, not just for SEOs but for anyone in digital marketing.

Check out the extension here.


SERPWorx is a paid plugin, but it’s one of the must have plugins for any professional SEO or link builder out there. You get access to 30 technical SEO metrics, and that’s probably all the data you can get from all the tools out there combined into one super fast chrome extension. Their pricing starts from just under $10 a month which is a bargain when you look at the features of this extension.

This extension can probably replace all other technical SEO extensions out there. This really is the swiss army knife an SEO must have.

Check out their website here.


Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a free chrome extension that provides you with keyword search volumes and related keywords for any keyword you search in Google and a number of other platforms such as Youtube, Amazon and more.

It’s as simple as it can get but this extension can save you hours switching between keyword research tools especially when you’re looking for keywords with decent search volumes to go after.

You can access the extension here.

Link Grabber

If you’re having a hard time extracting all the links in a certain web page, Link Grabber might be the one for you. This extension will enable you to extract all links in a web page. Extracted links can be displayed in another tab ready to be copy-pasted.

In addition, Link Grabber also blocks the links from any configurable list of domains automatically. All in all, this extension is not only helpful to SEO, but also to researchers and students as well.

Check out Link Grabber here.


Acing the hashtag game has never been easier with RiteTag. This extension allows you to see how each hashtag is doing, real time. Meaning, as you type a hashtag on FB or Twitter, RiteTag will categorize them to four colors; red, blue, gray and green.

Green for “hot now”, blue for “long life”, red for “overrated”, and gray for “underrated”. It’s just up to you on how to maximize RiteTag’s full potential!

You can access RiteTag here.


Finally, we have Redirect Path. We’ve all experienced clicking on something then getting redirected to about two to three websites before getting to the real one. This Chrome Extension helps check all the redirects from the URL you entered up until the final URL reached.

Redirect Path does this by flagging URLs with their http status codes (301, 302, 304, 404 and 500). And the best part is? No need to check manually, as this extension automatically does all of these for you.

You can get RedirectPath here.

Depending on what function you’re looking for, there are definitely a lot more of useful SEO Chrome Extensions out there. Some have pretty similar uses and features, but some work better.

For example, there are tons of other URL shorteners out there. However, is among the fastest and easiest to use. If you find that your browser often ends up unresponsive or even crashes while using the extension, it’s best to find a better extension with the same function.

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